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If you want to take your Joomla Site to the next level then the Astroid Framework for Joomla is an absolutely fantastic option. As outlined in previous articles there are essentially two ways to get started. The Traditional Way which means you start with a Fresh Astroid Install and add Categories, Articles, Menu Items and Formatting as required. The other method is The Quickstart Way and means that you start with a Boilerplate Site Template packed full of all kinds of goodies. Taking this latter approach you will have a head start however will more than likely end up jettisoning and radically altering large portions of the Boilerplate Site.

An important side note is that If you want to follow along in a hands on kind of way you are going to need Joomla 5 or higher. However when push comes to shove regardless of which way actually works for you I would argue that even just watching the the Tutorials in this “Deep Dive” Series is a great way to learn how to build a Joomla Site with the Astroid Framework. As the old saying goes, just because you can do something does not mean that you should. These tutorials, I believe showcase what you can do! Thus helping you to land on your feet, if and when you decide to jump.

Specifically in this first tutorial, we look at the connection between Joomla Menu items and different Astroid Templates. Follow up Tutorials will probably be as follows or similar… Working with Joomla Module Positions with a focus on Menu Modules. Looking at how the Astroid Layout Manager works. Working through some examples of what we can do with the Layout Manager. And possibly a look at the Mega Menu. Find Out More About Astroid HERE.